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like family

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With over 150 security professionals on our team, we are ever-expanding and always looking for new talent. We love our veterans! If you are a veteran and you’re looking for employment, we are looking for you! The hiring and processing of all employees is done in accordance with regulations set forth by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Employment Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • At least 18 years old or the minimum age required by the State

  • U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen authorized to legally work in the United States

  • Proof of state certified training or completion of PSI’s training course

All prospective employees undergo an in-depth background investigation:

  • Criminal background check

  • Credit review (as required)

  • 5-year work history (including performance reviews)

  • Motor vehicle driving record

  • Drug & alcohol screening

  • Medical check & physical fitness check

Use of Polygraphs:

All security officers must have a signed disclaimer in regards to mandatory polygraph testing on file with our office. Polygraph tests are not a condition of employment. If there is an allegation of misconduct on the part of any staff member, our investigative team will conduct an in depth investigation into the allegation at no additional cost to the client and will provide a summary of our findings and actions taken (if any).


“Our agency is comprised of elite
former military and law enforcement
personnel. Trust the experts.”


Open Positions


Contact us to complete our application. Our team will review and will follow up with next steps, which includes a full background check, orientation, review of our employee handbook, safety manual, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to name a few.

When you need protection, call the professionals. Rely on those who have the experience to deliver the results you need.

We are always hiring for:

  • Full, part-time, and on-call security personnel

  • Armed & unarmed security guards

  • Firearms Instructors

PSI offers many company-sponsored benefits:

  • Specialized training

  • Paid-time off (PTO)

  • Uniforms

  • Opportunities for advancement

  • Career development

  • Steady income & job security

  • Thriving work environment

Ready to join the PSI family?